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Long Term Board - Need A Temporary Home

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Common Reasons for Long Term Board

  • Moving temporarily to a no-pets apartment, or currently keeping a dog in a no-pets apartment and the landlord found out

  • Military deployment

  • Unemployment / layoffs

  • Medical issues (major surgery, hospitalization)

  • Fire or natural disaster

  • Domestic abuse

We make room when circumstances are out of your control We are willing to help someone out who is in need of a long term board if they have considered the questions listed above and know that they can take back on responsibility of the pet within a reasonable set period of time. A discount will be given to those in need and a meeting would have to be set up with the owner to discuss the arrangement. But we are always here to try and help any responsible pet owner find ways of keeping your dog. Shelters and rescues are filled to overflowing and often do not have any foster homes available. If they do have space, most will be hesitant to take an animal that they know they will have to keep for a long period of time without any possibility of placement. Your owned dog could, in effect, prevent the foster home from taking in and placing several shelter dogs that are scheduled to be euthanized. Please keep this in mind before becoming angry at a volunteer for not agreeing to take your dog.

In most cases, foster dogs do not live in kennels. They live inside the volunteer's house and are treated as one of his or her own pets. This is why the pet's medical and behavioral history are so important. Questions about the dog's age, sex, size, temperament, and training are vital because they help the foster care provider to determine whether that pet can be safely integrated into the home.

  • Are you sure you will be able to care for your pet again within a reasonable period of time?

  • Do you have a plan in place to make it happen?

  • If not, you should find a new, permanent home for him. It's not fair to the dog (or to the foster care/boarding provider) to be stuck in limbo.

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