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Be An Angel And Make Magic Happen By Giving To Kids In West Virginia

I am writing today to ask for your help. Some of you who have been clients for awhile know each Christmas my family and I adopt many kids from West Virginia to help give them a Christmas. 


The farm I own now has been in my family for over 100 years but I was not born here, this is where I came on holidays and summers until we moved back to Maryland when I was 10. I was born in a very poverty stricken area in West Virginia close to the Kentucky line. I know first hand what growing up in poverty feels like and I promised once I was older and established that I would help put a smile on some other kids faces from my home state. Yes there are lots of needy kids in MD also BUT there is more money in MD and many churches here and organizations here help local kids in this area. In West Virginia you have to realize that the church congregations are poor and can not give any money to help the needy because basically all of them are needy. Businesses in those areas are struggling not thriving so they can’t give either

Last year I reached out to my clients and to the general public and had a huge outpouring of support so I am hoping for the same level of support this year. To make things a little easier in this crazy world I have created an Amazon Wish list so that you can help from the comfort of your home. If you click on something and things don’t seem like they are working right please reach out to me. You can always venmo me also if you want to make a monetary donation.

When shopping on Amazon please choose Pastor Rick Price for the shipping address to ensure your gift goes straight to the church. If you accidentally ship to your home address, no worries, just drop the gift off to me and I will drive it down when I go down the week before Christmas. 

Or if you want to pick up toys or new clothes or diapers or food from the local stores and drop off to my house feel free! 

The pastors wife needs things like fruit snack cups, granola bars, non perishable puddings, apple sauces etc. She tries to send each kid who comes to bible study on Sundays with a goodie bag to take home of food because many times that is the only meal they will get that day 😔. So the individual sized stuff you would pack in your kids lunches work great. Costco is amazing for this stuff. The box of individual cheez-its, or famous Amos cookies or the individual trail mixes, juice boxes, all of that stuff is greatly appreciated. 

Many families come to the church to get a few things to get them through a few days until they get paid on Friday. So feel free to buy any stuff that the pastors wife can add to their pantry to hand out to needy parents who show up needing some food to get through a few days. 


If you need more specifics please don’t hesitate to reach out I am always here.

Last but not least……THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for your continued support. Many of you are not clients anymore but are friends and I am eternally grateful. I know things are tough for many people right now, but even a $12.00 gift will help a little kid have something under the tree and that means the world to them. When you grow up surrounded in poverty you begin to believe there is no hope and no love and that even Santa doesn’t love you. Please help me show these kids that Santa does love them and there is hope for a better future…. I am living proof of that!

If you'd like to contribute, you can Venmo me at Scarlett-Bowman-1 (with the 4-digit code 5035). Please specify in the Notes section what you'd like the donation to go towards.

Thanks as always and I hope each and every one of you have a Merry Christmas. 

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