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Bow Wow Approved: Dogworx Full-Groom Salon

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

We’re excited to tell you about Mt. Airy’s newest dog grooming salon, Dogworx. Kim, the proprietor of this local business is dedicated to pampering your pup with quality grooming in a friendly, safe environment.

Dog sitting on stool waiting for grooming
Before: can't wait to be pampered
Dog freshly groomed
After: feeling' good!

All of her grooming products are from iGroom, which means they're top-of-the-line with all-natural ingredients. Dogworx' beautiful country location provides plenty of room for a walk or a game of Frisbee with your dog after they've been groomed.

Kim has all your dog’s grooming needs covered, from nail clippings to full grooms. And she offers a value that can’t be beat: prices start at only $45 and range to $85+.

Visit their Facebook page to read testimonials, see more cute photos and read other updates. Or call (667) 364-9679 to book an appointment with Kim today. Your dog will thank you!

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