Our Beef

If you haven't visited our information page on beef cuts and pricing yet, go take a look. It will provide some context for the prices on this page. And of course, you can always contact us if you have questions after you've read the information here on our website.


Our pricing for Spring of 2022 is $5.49 per pound of hot carcass weight. Using the “Meat Yield Calculations” example provided here, that means you are paying $5.49 per lb./744 lbs. for a whole beef. For a half beef you pay $5.49 per lb./372 lbs. and for a quarter beef you pay $5.49 per lb./186 lbs.

  • Whole Beef 

    • 744 lbs (hot carcass weight) X $5.49 = $4,084.56

  • Half Beef

    • 372 lbs (Half of hot carcass weight) X $5.49 = $2,042.28

  • Quarter Beef

    • 186 lbs (Quarter of hot carcass weight) X $5.49 = $1,021.14

Now remember the hot carcass weight is not the weight that will be the pounds of take-home meat. Using the same example: for a 1200 lb. animal that yields 744 lbs. (hot carcass weight) there would be 481 lbs. of take-home meat if you're ordering a whole beef. 

The calculations below will show you how the price on a hot carcass weight converts to the per-pound price you are paying for the take-home meat:


  • Whole Beef 

    • 744 lb (hot carcass weight) X $5.49 = $4,084.56 (price if ordering a whole beef)

      • $4,084.56 ÷ 481 lbs (pounds of take-home meat) = $8.49 per lb 

  • Half Beef

    • 372 lb (hot carcass weight) X $5.49 = $2,042.28 (price if ordering a half beef)

      • $2,042.28 ÷ 240.50 lbs (pounds of take-home meat) = $8.49 per lb

  • Quarter Beef

    • 186 lb (hot carcass weight) X $5.49 = $1,021.14 (price if ordering a quarter beef)

      • $1,021.14 ÷ 120.25 lbs (pounds of take-home meat) = $8.49 per lb

Comparing "Apples to Apples”

To many farmers livestock are almost like a crop - it’s about making money. Yes, I have lived on a farm my whole life, but I am very emotional about animals and believe they have feelings and can suffer. It's important to me that they not be stressed or scared. Transporting an animal and changing its environment will always stress it out. Imagine being taken from your home and dropped off at a kill center (that’s how I look at it). It is very important to me to make sure the animals raised on this farm are treated the very best all the way up until the very end. I believe every living creature deserves to be respected and treated humanely, and even more so if they are giving their lives so we can eat.

If you're trying to decided whether or not to buy from a local farmer instead of from the grocery store, here are factors to consider:

  • Locally-raised beef is almost always more humanely-raised beef. When you buy from Belmont Farm you know where your meat is coming from, and you know that I love animals. Any animal being raised here is taken care of. They are fed well, have clean bedding, have fresh clean water, get treats, and in general we do our best to spoil them!

  • Our animals are transported early in the morning and taken right to a farm/processing center in Hagerstown to be processed. Within an hour of being dropped off our animals are humanely killed. Many places are not like this. Unfortunately many farmers will choose the closest processing center to them and will drop the animals off the day before. This mean that the animal is left in a concrete holding area for that day, a whole night and part of another day.

  • When you buy from us you are paying $8.49 per lb. for ground beef BUT you are also paying $8.49 per lb for filet mignon (which is a rare, expensive cut). You are also paying $8.49 per lb for Rib-Eye steaks, for New York Strip steaks, etc.

What You Get

Here's what you get with a half beef (your individual cuts may vary depending upon the size of the animal and your cut and wrap instructions): Again this is for reference purposes only to give you an idea of how this process works. The weight of the animal changes this, and any meat can be added to make ground beef if you prefer to have more ground beef. 


  • Roasts (3-4 lbs each)

  • Shoulder roast- 3-4 Packages

  • Chuck roast- 6-8 packages

  • Sirloin tip roast- 3 packages

  • Rump roast- 1 package

  • Eye of round roast 2 packages

  • Steaks ( 2 per package)

  • T-bone- 10-12 steaks

  • Rib eye- 12-16 steaks

  • Flank steak- 2 steaks

  • Round steak  8-10 steaks

  • Sirloin 6-8 steaks

Ground beef:

  • You will receive approximately 70 lbs of ground beef. Can be packaged in 1 or 2 lb packages. 


  • Stew meat- 8 0.5 lb packages

  • Short ribs- 3 packages (3-4 in a package)

  • Soup bones- 5 packages