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AT THIS TIME WE ARE NO LONGER ALLOWING TOURS. Please read the personal note from Scarlett below for an explanation.

I know as a pet owner myself it is very stressful thinking about leaving your pet for even one night, much less for a week or two. Many clients want to see with their own eyes where their babies will be sleeping. You feel it will give you peace of mind to walk around the kennel and up and down the halls looking into each room, looking and talking to each dog who is staying here. You want to know they are in a loving and peaceful environment and want to know they aren’t stressed and that they are having fun. You may have an anxiety-ridden dog or an elderly dog and worry how they will do in a new place with strangers and lots of barking. So you want to make an appointment to visit and verify that it is quiet and the dogs aren’t barking and acting crazy.


BUT…. What you don’t think about is the other side of this.


The owners who have their dogs staying with me at the time you want to visit want the same thing for their dog. A peaceful, calm and happy environment where their pet gets into a routine and get use to me and my small staff. They want assurances, just as you would, that while away on vacation that I am trying my very best to give their fur-baby a stress-free and enjoyable stay.


So for this reason, I am no longer allowing tours.

This also applies to when you drop off. Requests to be allowed to enter the kennel area to see where your dog will be staying will respectfully be declined. Every time a new person enters the kennel area and wants to walk around the dogs get all “fired up”. Some dogs I board are dog or people aggressive. Some dogs I board have suffered unimaginable abuse in their previous home and are terrified of new people. No matter the dog or their personality, all the dogs and owners deserve to know that when their dog is in my care that I am putting the dogs first.

Note from Scarlett

Video Tour

I took the time during Easter when the kennel was pretty full to take a video myself of me walking into the kennel area, showing some of the rooms and the dogs. The audio was on so if you have your volume up you can hear how quiet it is in the kennel. This video was just taken on my iPhone last minute over Easter break. I wanted to give new clients a glimpse into the kennel while keeping it peaceful for my boarders. You can watch the video above here on our blog.


Also, the reviews on our website are unedited. Once you board with us our booking software should automatically send you a request to leave a review. If you do write a review it is linked directly to the website for others to see. Luckily I have amazing clients who know I pride myself in making every effort to give their dog the best care I can. Once you get to know me you will know I am nothing if not honest. So lets be honest. This is a kennel it is not home. It is different and different can be scary to some dogs. I can not guarantee that your dog won’t be scared or nervous when being dropped off with us, but I can guarantee that I do everything that I possibly can to earn their trust and yours. 

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