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Dog Tips: Teach Your Dog to Chase Bubbles for Easy Fun

Does your dog like to chase stuff? That is a great thing considering this time of year! The sun is out, the birds are chirping, and our pups can use some exercise. Take advantage of that natural instinct and teach your dog to chase bubbles for some easy playtime & exercise. Bubbles are a brilliant way to provide enrichment for your dog all year round!

Why are dog bubble games such a great form of enrichment for your pet?

Bubble games with dogs are a great way to bond, get some exercise outside, and test out their skills. This is a simple game where the whole family can enjoy the patterns and colors of the soapy bubbles. Dogs can also use this time to practice their coordination and agility while having fun with the family.

Bubbles can be especially good for older dogs and dogs with arthritis as they can still stretch and move about without too much impact and stress on their joints.

The same goes for you as the owner, you can sit in a chair and blow bubbles if you too have mobility issues. Bubbles are a win-win for both the dog and the owner.

Are bubbles pup-friendly?

This is a great question. You can buy dog-friendly solutions which shouldn't cause any digestive problems if ingested or you can make your own with some simple ingredients at home.

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