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Dog Tips: Make Some Simple Frozen Dog Treats

Looking for an easy way to keep your dog busy and cool in the summer heat? Make them some frozen dog treats. Freeze some broth in ice trays to give your dog a nice little treat on those hot summer days.

Need some dog treat advice?

No worries, I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of some yummy frozen dog treat recipes. They’re easy to make, and a nice way to help keep your dog cool this summer.

Frosty Jaws

Yummy and chilly made with banana, peanut butter, honey, and yogurt. They are the perfect treat to help your dogs beat that horrible summer heat. It’s good for them and good for you! As always, give treats in moderation!

What you need:

  • Banana

  • Plain no-fat yogurt, greek, regular or organic

  • Peanut butter

  • Honey

Or Peanut Free:

  • Banana

  • Plain no-fat yogurt, greek, regular or organic

  • Blueberries or strawberries


  1. Just dump and blend your ingredients

  2. Scoop into a mini muffin tin, sprayed with non-stick spray.

  3. Allow them to freeze completely then pop them out with a sharp knife.

  4. Store in a Ziploc bag.

Watermelon Drops

This very simple frozen treat will leave your pup relaxed and cool. The best part about these treats is you can eat them too! They are quite refreshing!

What you need:

  • 2 Cups of Watermelon (Seedless, or if not, then remove the seeds)

  • 1 cup Coconut Milk or Coconut Water (NOT ALMOND!)

  • 1/4 cup Honey (optional)


  1. Put all ingredients in a blender and puree them. (NOTE: You want the result to be very liquidy, just like a juice.)

  2. Pour the liquid into some ice cube trays and freeze.

Strawberry Pupcakes

These frozen pupcakes are super cute; they’re made with peanut butter, strawberries, and almond milk (or water).

What you need:

  • about 12 medium to large strawberries (organic is preferable)

  • 3-4 spoonfuls of all-natural peanut butter

  • 1/4 cup of cold almond milk (or water)


  1. Wash strawberries and remove tops.

  2. Blend strawberries and milk together until pureed.

  3. Fill the empty slots of an ice cube tray approximately 3/4.

  4. Gently place a small, yet generous dollop of peanut butter onto each filled ice cube tray slot. (NOTE: You want to be sure that the peanut butter sinks INTO the strawberry liquid, not just rests on top).

  5. Place the tray in the freezer for several hours and allow it to freeze.

  6. Pop, serve, and chill!

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