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Kennel Tour

We are very busy at this time taking care of our fur-babies (walking and playing with them), so we have limited time to give tours in the Spring and NO time in the Summer.

If you know you'll be traveling , be sure to make your reservations NOW! Spots fill up quickly.

Your fur-babies will love the chance to get outside and play at Belmont farm.

The Dog House offers:

  • 50 Acre farm

  • 1/2 mile off the road

  • Inside/outside runs up to 4 times larger than most kennels

  • Peaceful setting

  • Warm atmosphere

  • Owner lives on the premises

  • Fenced play yard NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES

  • Walks included

  • Playtime included

  • Giving medicine included

We hope you enjoy this sneak peek of the inside of The Dog House.

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